It's that time of year again... back to school.  If you are contemplating a career in finance, don't miss the opportunity to get the game-changing skills and training provided by Advanced Financial Modeling.  Class will be held on or near the University of Utah campus starting Monday, Sep. 14, 2015 at 7:00pm.  The exact location will be emailed to registered students about one week before the first class.  To register for the course, click here.

Are prerequisites required?  It is recommended.  This is an advanced class.  You should be familiar with basic accounting and valuation principles that would be taught in introductory accounting and finance courses.  I won't spend teaching these concepts... I will spend time helping you apply these concepts by creating financial models in Excel.  The work we will do in class is exactly the type of work you will be doing in your future job.

What materials do I need to take the course? You will need to bring your own laptop to class.  A PC or Mac will work, however, you must have a PC version of Windows and Excel 2012 or later on your machine.  Mac users, that means you will need to run Parallels or Boot Camp on your Mac so you can downloads Windows and run a PC version of Excel.