This class should be mandatory for any finance or accounting student. It provides a practical application for business education, and a set of tools that can be used in the real world immediately.
— Alex Brodil, Skullcandy, AFM Class of 2013

Can’t Attend the Live Course?

You’ll miss my stories and corny jokes, but you’ll get the lessons you need in the Self Study Course to help you land your dream job in Finance.  

Full Course - $799

Get the biggest bank for your buck and buy the self study Full Course.  After 36 hours of class time your finance skills will be transformed and you will be on your way to a more a lucrative career.  Get the Corporate Concepts, Modeling Basics, Earnings Model, Comparables, Discounted Cash Flow, Leveraged Buyout, Stock Merger,  Venture Capital, and PowerPoint Basics Courses ($1,100 value) for $799.

First Half Course - $399

Only have enough cash to do half of the course?  You’ll miss out on all of the valuation and transaction models, but at least you’ll learn the concepts and get the foundational modeling skills.  The Self Study Half Course includes the Corporate Concepts Course, the Modeling Basics Course, and the Earnings Model Course.  When you bundle these three courses ($550 value) the cost is reduced to only $399.


Only interested in learning the concepts?  Learn about the financial industry, how to find financial information, how to value companies, and how to structure transactions such as stock mergers, leveraged buyouts, and venture capital transactions.

Modeling Basics Course - $99

Only interested in learning Excel hotkeys and modeling basics?  Learn how to increase your efficiency in Excel through the use of hotkeys, functions and formatting pointers.  Create multi-dimensional sensitivity analysis is not limited to two variables like traditional data tables.

Earnings Model Course - $249

Only interested in learning how to build a dynamic model for forecasting financial statements?  Learn how to build a detailed Earnings Forecast Model that will forecast detailed GAAP income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.  

Comparables Model Course - $99

If you are interested in learning how to accurately quantify the market value of a company, then take the Comparables Course.  This course will walk through how to build a Public Comparables and Acquisition Comparables model that will enable you to accurately identify comparables, calculate their enterprise and market value, and then translate that into a valuation for your target company.  

Discounted Cash Flow Course - $99

The Discounted Cash Flow Course will walk students through the process and theory of creating a discounted cash flow (DCF) model.  The model is built with robust sensitivity functionality so that finance professionals can test the impact of a change in discount rate or financial projections and see the impact on the share price of a target company.  The course is a great compliment to the Earnings Model or First Half Course.

Leveraged Buyout Course - $99

The Leveraged Buyout Course involves building a leveraged buyout (LBO) model .  The model is built with sensitivity tools that will enable finance professionals to structure an LBO that will appropriately balance the tension between equity returns and a company’s ability to service its debt load.  The course is a great compliment to the Earnings Model or First Half Course.

Merger Consequences Course - $99

Want to measure whether a company can afford to complete a stock merger with another firm?  Build a robust stock merger model and determine whether the deal will be accretive or dilutive to shareholders.  Learn what purchase accounting adjustments should be made when completing the merger in order to calculate a pro forma income statement and balance sheet.  The course is a great compliment to the Earnings Model or First Half Course.

Venture Capital Course - $99

The Venture Capital Course teaches students how venture capitalists structure early stage venture deals.  Learn about how VCs structure term sheets and what the different legal terms mean and how they affect returns to investors, founders, and management.  Build a model that forecasts cash flow, financing needs, and the terms of venture capital investments.

PowerPoint Basics Course - $49

Learn the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation.  Learn about how a presentation should be built depending on the audience and how the presentation will be used.  Learn about presentation style and the basic outline and content of a solid investment presentation for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.  For more information on investment presentation or capital coaching services, go to the Business Services page.

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