Jory’s Advanced Financial Modeling course has been a bigger help in the 8 months of my career after my MBA than any other class I took during my MBA. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of how to value companies and show that value on paper.
— Tim Hansen, Peterson Ventures, AFM Class of 2014

1 Course, 12 Classes, 36 Hours, Infinite Return on Investment

Advanced Financial Modeling (AFM) is an intensive, interactive, hands-on approach to learning the concepts, tools, and skills required to gain an edge in today’s ultra-competitive job market.  Instead of waiting for your new boss to show you what to do and how to do it, AFM Alumni hit the ground running.  AFM Alumni ace tough finance interviews, get return offers in their internships, and get promoted in their full-time jobs.  AFM also empowers professionals looking to gain an edge or make a career change into corporate finance.

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What will I learn?

If you aspire to be a deal-maker who creates real value for stakeholders, whether you aspire to be a CFO, investment banker, or investor, AFM will teach you the necessary skills.  This course will teach students and professionals how to: 

    1. find rich financial information efficiently

    2. glean strategic insights from financials

    3. increase productivity in Excel by 5x

    4. create dynamic financial forecasts

    5. create sensitivity analysis across unlimited assumptions

    6. perform detailed company valuations

    7. understand and model corporate transactions

Success is when preparation meets opportunity... prepare now.

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